Internationales Begegnungszentrum der Wissenschaft e.V.


1. Who can use the Seminar Room?

IBZ members can use the seminar room for scientific and scholary meetings, in accordance with the statutes of the IBZ. The purpose of the association is the promotion of science and scholarship, especially through the scientific exchange of ideas between foreign researchers and their German colleagues.

2. What does an event in the IBZ Seminar Room cost?

IBZ members can use the seminar room without charge three times per year. For scholarly events arranged for non-members which fall within our mandate, we charge a room rental charge of 250 Euros (including 7% tax) for half-day and 500 Euros (including 7% tax) for a full day.

On a weekend, events of our members as well as external events require a cleaning charge of 100 Euros.

3. How can I plan an event, and how can I find out whether the seminar room is available?

Events must be booked and confirmed in advance. Please ask about available dates through the IBZ Club Secretary Mrs. Mennella (Tel. 089-286686-70), or in the IBZ  Office (Tel. 089-286686-0).

We will send you a reservation form. Only when this form is filled out and returned to us  can the event surely be planned. A reservation is only made when you received a confirmation from our office. You can also download the reservation form here.

4. What support can I expect in the Seminar Room?

We are glad to provide you with technical equipment for your event (overhead projector, slide projector, projector for computer images, etc.). A detailed list can be found here.

5. How much are the drinks consumed in the IBZ Seminar Room?

The cost of drinks consumed at events is as follows: Water (0,2l) € 1,20, Apple Juice (0,2l) € 1,20, Orange Juice (0,2l) € 1,20 and Coffee (2,2l) € 15,00. All prices include 19% tax.

6. How large is the Seminar Room?

The seminar room provides chairs for a maximum of 100 persons. More details can be found here: Seminarraumausstattung.